murdered le creuset

I haven’t done this is a long while.  Shows you that cooking is a contact sport. One that should not be done half-heartedly.

You are looking at a five quart Le Creuset that is no longer usable as a cooking vessel.  Ouch.  It started as a pound of rhubarb and two cups of sugar.  It was supposed to be rhubarb syrup.  Instead it is a horrifying mess, a distinct fail.  I am a great fan of Le Creuset, we have quite a few of them, purchased over the years.  This particular pot was part of Don’s dowry, bought at a Park Slope stoop sale.  When we married we discovered we had two of these lovely pots.  Mine is a shred larger, weighing in at seven quarts.  They were a good complement to our batterie de cuisine.  If you own any of these pots you know that they are wonderful to cook with: heavy; solid and dependable.  Until you walk away from one full of sugar and rhubarb to do some quilting.  I am rather embarrassed, and pissed off.  These things do not come cheap.  And we use them all the time. So I am going to need to go and replace it.  Damn, that was stupid. Sigh.

I am often guilty of nagging at Don not to walk away from the kitchen while he is cooking.  Now look at me. Dose of my own medicine. When I used to bake for a living I relied on my timers. I had a couple of them that I brought to work with me all the time. I endured some teasing for depending on a piece of electronics to practice my craft.  Having a timer for me meant that I move on to another project without worrying about burning the cookies. It gave me the freedom to release that task from my crowded brain and replace it with another. I am out of practice. Should have used a timer for the rhubarb.  Hopefully will not make this mistake again any time soon. It was a painful, and costly, one.


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    In hindsight I think it was a combination of the sugar, the acid from the rhubarb and sheer neglect-leaving that pot on the burner unattended.

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