Last winter a friend of ours decided he wanted to do his part to save the bee population.  Living in Portland he was not properly situated for even one little hive.  We offered up our fields thinking it would be a win/win for all involved.

They arrived a couple of weeks ago, just before we went down to NY for the book fair.  It was pretty cold for the past little while, typical of Maine Spring.  But the past couple of days have warmed a bit and the sun has been shining gloriously, so things are blooming.  This is very good for the bees.  Our Apple trees are blooming their little hearts out, and, for the first time since we came to live here, the trees are covered with industrious buzzing bees.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.  If my camera was better I would have shot a little video.

The whole tree shown here was alive with bees.  I am not particularly afraid of bees.  Have been stung enough to know that it hurts, but somehow do not feel scared around these creatures.  Perhaps because I am concerned for their well being. Perhaps because I am anticipating beautiful apples due to their pollinating.  They make me smile.

We have been talking to some farmers about working this land we have.  A full sized vegetable garden is about as much farming as we two can handle.  But there is much wide open space just begging to be tilled.  Sometime soon we imagine a tractor will show up to start turning some earth.  Then the bees will have even more to buzz around.  I do not know how far the ladies will travel for pollen (I do know that they are ladies, the ones who do the gathering), but I imagine they will have plenty of fodder for their honeycombs in our neck of the woods.

Fly ladies fly.


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