The Gentlewoman

“Nature has laid us under the necessity of eating and drinking, but at the same time has endowed us with faculties to choose and prepare the diet that is most salutary and agreeable to our tastes.”

“Refinement belongs only to those whose tastes accord with perfection, and it is beyond all question that the characteristics of those that feed upon half-dressed or spoiled food are barbarous in mind and barbarous in complexion, which is the cause of so many jaundiced complaints that quacks undertake to cure, but which end in weakness, exhaustion, and early death.”

“The great social evil is not that which is talked of by gentlemen in black at midnight meetings; but it is the great evil that besets the English, from the highest to the lowest, every man, woman and child suffers from it, and thousands die or only experience a lingering existence from its neglect.  The great social evil is the want of persons of education and practical knowledge, worthy to be entrusted in the preparation of food with that care and nicety that is practiced in every nation in Europe except England.”

The Gentlewoman

a pseudonymous book

Chapman & Hall, London 1864

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