Favorites of 2011: Bocca


Bocca Cookbook,  Jacob Kenedy
Bloomsbury, 460 pages   $45

Herewith begins the highlights of our favorite books of the season.   Kenedy is the chef at Bocca Di Lupo, an Italian Trattoria in London that has been getting rave reviews.  We’ve been importing this book from the UK for a while, but now Bloomsbury has brought it in.  We loved it then and we love it even more now. Bocca is filled with regional recipes from Italy divided up as raw/cured/pasta/roasts etc.  It is a very personal and intimate book for a chef, which does seem to be a trend this fall. Filled with sumptuous color photography of both the dishes and Italy, Bocca was designed by Caz Hildebrand, the renowned designer who collaborated with Kenedy on last year’s The Geometry of Pasta. They’ve teamed up again to create a lovely book reminiscent of Locatelli’s Made in Italy, though much less technique-oriented.  The book ends with Posso, a recipe for disaster which includes as ingredients: a deck of cards; a piece of paper; a pen; someone you trust to keep score and many drinks.  From start to finish a charming and delicious cookbook.  A good gift for the Italian loving person on your list.

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