Turkey day approaches…

We are approaching the high holy day of the culinary calendar, Thanksgiving. In the gym this morning I could practically hear the furor emanating from the TV monitors as the modern culinary media dispensed holiday advice. The enthusiasm is great but this year I am feeling the over-exertion of the gastronomic muscle a little too much.  To my mind Thanksgiving is a great excuse to eat and drink all day long, with perhaps a few breaks for a stroll or some football.  But the extreme eating that is so much a part of the American ethos these days turns me off.  Each Thanksgiving should not be a challenge to outdo your last one.  Take a deep breath and think about what is really important about that meal. Take the time to be present during its preparation and consumption.  Don’t rush through it to get to your course/the football game/away from Aunt Doris.   The speed at which we move these days is alarming.  Thanksgiving is a great day to sit back and enjoy the cranberry sauce.  Does it have nuts?  Does it stand up in the dish? Is the balance of tart to sweet proportional?  The day will be over before you know it and then we are all racing towards that day in December.  We are going to take our time this coming Thursday and be thankful for having this brief respite.

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