Spring feasts

“The carp was dead, killed, assassinated, murdered in the first, second and third degree. Limp, I fell into a chair, with my hands still unwashed reached for a cigarette, lighted it, and waited for the police to come and take me into custody.”

Alice B. Toklas

EastoverIt is most certainly Spring here in Maine.  Cold wet days, punctuated with flashes of gorgeous sunshine, harbingers of what’s to come.  But first we have to get through this cold dank stuff.  I did not plants my peas on Patriot’s Day last week.  I just planned the garden beds yesterday so I had no idea where I was going to plant those peas a week ago last Monday. I am choosing to be smug that my peas are not languishing in the cold wet soil.  Maybe, since it seems not to be raining, I will plant them today.

We had a delightful Spring feast on Sunday in the barn at Broadturn Farm.  Long tables filled with smiling faces, happy to be out of the house and communing with friends. I love Winter in Maine, really I do.  But by the time we get to April I am jonesing for the company of others, and fresh air.

Next weekend is the MARIAB fair in Wilmington, MA.  Don will be manning the booth solo (I’ve got to go to DC for a family party). But we hope to see many of you Massachusetts folks there.  Don will tell you a little about what he is bringing down, and there are VIP passes for those who click through.

The sky is lightening, time to plant the peas.



Saturday, May 7th, we’ll be loading up the wagon to exhibit at the Boston Book and Paper Expo , in Wilmington, MA. It’s an easy drive, closer than Boston. This rare book fair is one of the last big shows of the year, and will feature more than 85 dealers from all over the East Coast, as well as presentations, exhibits and talks on topics of books and book collecting.

Rabelais be bringing an assortment of American, English and Continental cookbooks from three centuries, along with cocktail, beer and wine books from our large collection. Many of the books have not been shown before, and haven’t even made it to the store, so come see what’s new (or old, really).  Some highlights include a beautiful copy of Mary Harris Frazer’s Kentucky Receipt Book, which includes the first recipe for banana pudding; an original 1931 Joy of Cooking in the ultrarare dust jacket, featuring St. Martha slaying the dragon of cooking drudgery; and a collection of European and American manuscript cookbooks.   Some of our recent purchases from the library of Alan Davidson will be there as well.

Just how much will this cost me, you ask? Well, nothing! The show’s promoter, Marvin Getman, has provided us with special VIP passes for our customers. Just click here to download and print out the special pass.

Sale boxes
In case you forgot, we will be having a store-wide sale May 14-16th.  That’s a Saturday through a Monday for those of you in the industry.  And there will be new material put out every day.  The Antiquarian books are the only things not on sale.  There will be tables of $1, $3 and $5 books and then the balance will be 40% off.  Help us make some room!

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