We’re going to have a sale…

The Alan Davidson books arrived the beginning of last week and Don has been enthusiastically unpacking and cataloging them.  In addition to the individual items we knew were coming, there were a couple of box lots that yielded some delightful surprises.  Kinda like Christmas in April.  Some of the books are now on our shelves, if you’d like to come in and see them.  If they don’t have the bookplate shown here, they have his initials next to the price.

We have received a flyer here in the store from a gas company.  They tell us that Middle Street will be torn up from Hampshire on down to Union until about Memorial Day.  Seems appropriate timing.  It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, and in our experience it will be until about July.  So we got to thinking about things and came up with a clever idea.  With all the antiquarian material we have bought lately we are stretched to the limit in this space.  What this means to you is that we are going to have a big sale.  We have had sales around this time for the past two years.  This one will be different.  We will still have tables with $1, $3 and $5 books, but we will also have most of our inventory priced at 40% off.  You would be doing us a great service if you would please come and help us make more room.

Along with the sale we are going to reduce our hours for the Spring.  Four years of business has shown us that people are otherwise engaged this time of year, in the garden most likely.  So we’re going to take this time to plot some new ideas for Rabelais, and work on our garden.  We will be open Saturday through Monday, and by appointment if there is something you cannot live without.  Then in July we will go back to seven days a week.

In the meantime, please come to the sale and take home lots of books.  The sale dates are Saturday, Sunday and Monday, May 14th through 16th. The hours will be 11-5:30 all three days.  There will be books from all sections (except the rare material) and if they aren’t $1, $3, or $5, they will be 40% off.  We really need to pare down, and we need you to help us do it.  So think of it as your civic duty alleviating our inventory issues.


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