CHOICE CUTS 2010: The Geometry of Pasta

The Perfect Shape + The Perfect Sauce=
The Geometry of Pasta
Geometry of Pasta

Caz Hildebrand & Jacob Kenedy

We thought that we might start larding the meat, so to speak, by highlighting some of our favorite choices for holiday gifts. This is not to pressure anyone to begin the process of shopping, but rather to talk about some of the cool books that could end up as presents for a loved one.
The Geometry of Pasta is an example of a true dual purpose book. If you were so inclined you could leave it on your coffee table and listen to the admiration of your guests as they peruse it’s well-designed layout.

Caz Hildebrand is part of the British design firm Here where she has been responsible for the design of some fantastic cookbooks including Moro East by Sam & Sam Clark and How to Drink by Victoria Moore. Hildebrand was inspired by Pellegrino Artusi’s classic 19th century cookbook Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well and the Italian obsession with matching pasta shape to sauce, in working on this book.

Co-author Jacob Kenedy is the chef/owner of Bocca di Lupo, in London, which was awarded first place in Time Out’s Top 50 Restaurants for 2009.  Before opening his own place he cooked at Moro in London and was a visiting executive chef at Boulevard in San Francisco. He was involved in the creation of the cookbooks (all of them) for both of these restaurants.  So this guy has chops. His mother instilled in him a love for Italian food at a young age, and it shows in the pages of Geometry.

The book is broken down by shapes of pasta.  There is a page of cultural background, with a graphic image of the shape, followed by a couple of recipes of sauces that serve that pasta.  The black and white illustrations throughout are fantastic.  We think that while photographs of food are lovely, a well written recipe conjures up it’s own images.  This book certainly excites the cook and the artist alike with it’s bold use of black and white on the page.  A book lover’s cookbook, if ever there was one.

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