cheese & noodles

When I was young- younger- my favorite food was “cheese and noodles”.  That was what I called Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, the stuff in the blue box. The packet of ugly orange fake cheese powder you ripped open and mixed into your margarine (!)-coated elbow pasta.  I shudder to think of how much of that stuff I ate as a child.  It was comfort food. I learned pretty early how to make it myself and it was a constant in my diet for a good twenty years.  At some point I replaced the neon orange mixture with the politically correct Annie’s that had a more realistic cheese-type food color. It was a guilty pleasure I maintained even after recognizing its true nature. Something about the salty, buttery, noodley, soft nature of that food group. Sigh.

But comfort food is not a logical construct.  Some foods just give us solace.  Maybe you associate a dish with a loved one, a special time in your life, a safe haven. Whoever you are, you probably have a comfort food.

Now, if you think you are going to catch me at Whole Foods buying Annie’s, think again.  No, you will not find those boxes of cheese and noodles in my basket – and you know you look in other people’s baskets. Don and I have something of a reputation to uphold when we go shopping.  I have been saved from that ignominy by my fantastic husband who mastered a simple Carbonara about three years ago. He began with the recipe from The Silver Spoon, that massive tome of Italian home cooking.  But I am very proud to say that he has expanded the formula and can whip it up at any time with stellar results, modifying where he sees fit.  I am one lucky woman whose husband can create her comfort food at the drop of a hat…


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