A Wild Maine Dinner

I have to post this menu from a delicious and varied dinner of wild Maine foods, given by friends last night. They’re foragers, and by nature a bit secretive, so I’ll leave them anonymous until they tell me they wish to emerge from the shadows.   Hopefully some pictures to follow.

before dinner

Pickled Mushrooms in oil

Ramp pickles

Day Lily pickles

Seaweed Stem pickles

Smoked Wild Turkey sausage

Bread and Morel butter


Venison Carpaccio.  Juniper crust, Cattail, Ramp Flower capers

Herring and Mackerel. Herring Tataki with pickled Wild Ginger and Goosetongue, Smoked Mackerel with Fox Grape Leaf salad. Cured Mackerel with Crisp Root and Sea Mustard flowers

25 wild plants, vegetables, and flowers. Queen Anne’s Lace root vinaigrette

Milkweed Pods. Ricotta, Lemon

Tomato water, Chanterelle Vodka

Tide Pool.  Sea Veg, Crab, Razor Clam, Uni, Fumet


Rosa Rugosa Sorbet

Black Trumpet Pasta. Ragu of Lobster, Razor Clam, Chanterelle and Black Trumpets. Wood Sorrel.

Pineapple Weed Upside Down Cake.  Sweet Fern Honey, Juniper Ice Cream

Tempura Milkweed Flowers. Creme Fraiche sauce, Wild Berries

8 Responses to “A Wild Maine Dinner”

  1. uke mochi Says:

    Wow, what a beautiful and interesting sounding menu!

  2. The Salt Pig Says:


  3. Bookdwarf Says:

    That sounds amazing. And like a lot of work!

  4. David Levi Says:

    It was an incredible meal. Delicious, honest, and eye-opening. Great company, too! And I think the woods were pleased by the slightly wilder version of me they encountered today, because they offered up boatloads of black trumpets and chanterelles.

  5. Stephen Says:

    Good lord! What a waste of time.

  6. Brad Says:

    I hope you’ll post some photos of these.

  7. johnnyd Says:

    A slide show with audio from the evening is being produced and should be ready Friday. I’ll post here when it’s ready.

  8. Pixley Says:

    I still taste roses…Really very wonderful!

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