The One-Straw Revolution

“I was aiming at a pleasant, natural way of farming which results in making the work easier instead of harder. ‘How about not doing this?’ ‘How about not doing that?’—that was my way of thinking.”
Masanobu Fukuoka, in The One-Straw Revolution.

Over on the Good Magazine blog, Peter Smith talks about this classic book and briefly examines this author’s individualistic philosophy of farming, extending it into the world of the kitchen. This important book has long been out of print, and sadly unavailable. But now the NYRB Press has brought it back for us, with an introduction by Wendell Berry. Michael Pollan called it, “one of the founding documents of the alternative food movement, and indispensable to anyone hoping to understand the future of food and agriculture.”

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  1. Peter Says:

    Thanks for the link and stocking this classic.

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