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“There is nothing more terrifying to a fine bartender than the whir of a blender battering away at ice cubes. Yet there is nothing more calming to Smilla than being around water that has fallen to the freezing point—and drinking.”

The New Yorker’s Book Bench, its literary blog, has a new weekly column on cocktails inspired by contemporary literature. This week, Peter Hoeg’s Smilla’s Sense of Snow. There’s been an explosion of drinking blogs of late, with the NYTimes’ Proof: Alcohol and American Life garnering the most attention. A dip into the comments section is enough to horrify anyone with an appreciation of the place of drink in civilized life, as the puritans, prudes and prohibitionists are out in force.

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  1. Lucretia Says:

    It’s worth braving the horrible video player on Martha Stewart’s website to see the lovely Rachel Maddow making a cherry julep from a 1950s Esquire cocktail book. Show ran this morning – video will probably appear tonight or tomorrow.

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