We made a short trip down to the city last weekend. A Book Fair at the 69th Armory on the East side was disappointing, although we did better than many. The best meal of the weekend was certainly the Chinese at Don’s favorite Szechuan place on 24th and 9th. Otherwise meals were unremarkable, we just didn’t hit the groove this trip. I was a little creeped out by all the for lease/rent/sale signs on retail spaces. And then every block was populated by a useless combination of drug stores, cell phone stores and ATM branches of banks. It would seem that banks are the only businesses that can afford NYC real estate these days….

The most remarkable thing I saw during our trip was the Farmer’s Market in Union Square on Friday, 1/16. If you are in the Northeast and think back to last Friday you will remember that it was in the middle of that frigid cold snap. (Lucky us returned to Maine on Sunday night to a foot of new snow and frozen pipes, sigh) If you are not here on the East coast, let me tell you it was COLD. I was traveling through Union Square and was so impressed to see that the market had vendors, temperature be damned. I whipped out the camera and took some snaps just to be able to prove that this was true. Maine’s Farmers Markets have to go dormant, or scale back to minimal distribution in the Winter. The snow just makes it impossible. So to see this display filled me with pride for those people who grow our food….

Of course there are Markets in California and the South year round. But I think this picture shows how dedicated and serious the East coast food community truly is.

More about basic books coming soon.

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  1. Appleton Creamery Says:

    Samantha! There are several Maine farmers’ markets continuing through the winter: Bath, Brunswick, Camden, Lincolnville, Belfast, Orono, and Skowhegan, just to name a few. Usually alternate weeks. The Bath market seems to be the biggest right now, first and third Saturdays at the UCC Church in Bath. Come see us!

  2. Susan Benne Says:

    Next time you guys are in town, let me know and I will direct you to some great places in Brooklyn!

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