Fernand Point’s posthumous masterpiece republished

After such a long wait, Fernand Point’s Ma Gastronomie is being republished this week. Michael Ruhlman, who will be making an appearance here in Maine at the Maine Literary Festival in Camden, has a nice blog post about the book and its place in culinary literature.

Since we’ve been open, young cooks have been coming in and asking us for this book, usually having been sent by their chefs. We’ve made a point of keeping this book in stock, but it’s been out of print (in English) since 1974, and copies are expensive. So now it’s a relief to be able to hand one to the inquisitive young cooks.

Ma Gastronomie is one of those elite few books which truly address the condition of being a restaurant chef. How should one think? Not just about food and cooking, but about life and one’s relationship with the world. It’s interesting that it is being reissued in the same season as a very different book which deals with the same questions: Kenny Shopsin’s Eat Me.

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